Clark’s Flea Market U.S.A.

Clark’s Flea Market U.S.A.

We received a call from Sondra and she wanted a website that would allow her to sell her flea market directory online and that could also act as an online directory that members would subscribe to for access.  After going over everything, we got started on the project together.  Our developers and designers started on the site and we had Sondra working on the directory content in an Excel file that would be uploaded onto the site.  By uploading the data, it saved hundreds of hours of content/data entry and allowed the site to be turned on fully functional.

The site features a fully functional e-commerce store that allows visitors to purchase the paperback directory online and it also allows subscriptions to be purchased which allows access to secured content (the directory).  Once a subscription is purchased, the member has access to view all the listings which are  arranged by states.  The listing has many fields to help describe all aspects of the markets as well as a functional map that allows them to see the listings pinned on a map and they can also get directions.

There is a sophisticated ad management system on the site that allows state specific ads to be targeted when visitors browse the states and there are also site wide locations.  This allows for multiple advertising options for the vendors and markets.  The advertisers can also view full stats of their ads and click through rates along with other stats.

There are several forms on the site to allow visitors and members to submit request, listing update suggestions, advertising inquires and much more.

The site is fully responsive so it works well on computers, mobile phones and tablets.  This is especially important for the online directory because most of the users of this option are traveling so it’s a great way for them to have the full, up to date directory in the palm of their hands as they travel the US looking for flea markets to visit.

This was a fun website to work on because it has so much functionality.  Seeing it come together once the data was imported was a joy and we are very happy with how the site turned out.

Website Features:

  • Fully responsive – Looks great on all devices!
  • Membership System for allowing subscriptions to online content
  • Full e-commerce system to sell products and memberships online
  • SSL Security to protect customers and boost SEO ranking
  • Hosted on our fast and secure servers


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