Rural High Speed Internet Solutions for Milton, Pace and Jay

If you are looking to move out to Pace, Milton, Jay or any place where you have lots of land, you may find that getting high speed internet is very difficult.  The infrastructure isn’t there yet to support higher speed internet in these rural areas.  After a bit of testing and digging, we have found a solution that works great.  Our solution uses 4G wireless and a 4G router that provides faster speeds than DSL and satellite and does not have data caps* like using a 4G hotspot or tethering your phone.

We have installed this system in our own office and have had great luck for the past few months.  On DSL, we were only able to achieve 6mbps download and .90mbps upload.  With the 4G solution, we average 30mbps download and 25mbps upload with higher speeds at time.  We have used over 300GB of data a month and the system has been working great.

If you are looking for a high speed internet solution and live in Pace, Milton, Jay or any other rural area in the northern Florida area, let me know if you are interested in trying this solution.  The upfront cost is around $300 and the monthly cost for service is only $55.00 with no contracts.

What can you do with higher speed internet?

  • Download and Upload files quicker
  • Stream Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Sling TV and more
  • Work from home
  • Enjoy Online Gaming

We’ve found this solution works great for homes and home offices with multiple users.  It’s not as fast as living in the city but it works a lot better than DSL and Satellite in our testing and experience.