IT Services

We do more than just design websites!  We have helped many businesses and residential customers with a variety of IT related projects.

Office 365 Email for Business

Sometimes Gmail, Yahoo and AOL just doesn’t cut it for business class email.  The email that your hosting company provides can become blacklisted due to it being on a shared server.  If you are looking for a better email solution, Office 365 is the way to go.  It’s a cloud based Exchange email platform that offers synchronized email across multiple devices, shared calendars, groups and so much more.  If your business is looking for a better email system, contact us and let us help you migrate over to Office 365.

Wired and Wireless Networking

We have set up many wires and wireless networks for our customers.  Many of our customers have had us install Ubiquiti Unifi Wireless Networking in their building to help improve their wireless network.  The Ubiquiti systems offer business class wifi at a affordable price.  Contact us today if you would like more information about the networking services we offer.

Firewall and Content Filtering Solutions

We have installed Untangle Unified Threat Management systems in several businesses to help block outside threats and to allow content filtering to block undesirable web sites or services that may decrease productivity.  These systems offer a great level of protection at affordable prices.  Contact us today for more information about firewalls and content filtering for your business.

Disaster Recovery Solutions

Sometimes a backup isn’t enough.  Your company needs to think about how it will run its day to day business if a server is down.  Server virtualization allows physical hardware servers to be ran as a virtual server.  This allows multiple servers and systems to be ran on one piece of hardware which can be constantly mirrored to an offsite system which can function as a fail over solution if your main systems are affected.

Onsite and Offsite Backup Solutions

We offer many different types of onsite and offsite backup solutions for your business.  If your business is not making backups of your data and systems on a regular basis, you are at risk of loosing everything or spending a lot of time and money to get back operational.  Contact us today and lets discuss your options.

Virus Removal on PC’s and Laptops

Viruses are something no one like to have to deal with.  They can range from simple unwanted programs that redirect your search results to full blown Ransomware.  We employ today’s most powerful tools to remove viruses and recover your data in the event your system is affected.  If you have a computer or computers that are running slow or acting strange, we are here to help.

Additional IT Services

  • Setting up Network Printers
  • Database Migration
  • Operation System Installation and Upgrades
  • Replacing hard drives
  • Upgrading components like RAM and Video Cards
  • Repairing failed RAID arrays
  • Adding additional computers to a domain
  • Setting up network monitoring and help desk systems
  • much more!