eBay API Management System

eBay API Management System

We build this web based API system to tie in an existing database of products to an eBay store.  This system allows products that are selected to be posted on eBay to be added to the eBay store during a daily routine.  Prices are also updated as well as he inventory level of stock.  If an item is sold out, the item it ended on eBay.  If the item comes back in stock, it’s relisted.  There are several database tables used to cross reference categories to eBay categories and to do global blacklisting on certain brands that can not be listed on eBay.  All API responses are saved into the database so any products that could not be listed for some reason will be able to be researched and the issue solved easily.

This system also downloads all messages from customers and puts them into a queue system where salesman are assigned to answer the question.  Once the question is answered, it is pushed back to eBay.

Orders are also downloaded into a queue where they are processed in the companies main ERP system.  Once the order is shipped, tracking information is posted back to eBay along with feedback for the customer.

The system runs on a queue system where the amount of new products can be set in the dashboard.  The system can also be set to sandbox mode for testing to a different account.

Since this company batch processes end of the day receivables, a daily report of how much was collected from eBay orders is generated which shows all fees associated so that the correct PayPal request can be made to do daily deposits into the checking account.

This system is truly a work of are and has worked very well.


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