Carol’s True Vintage

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Carol’s True Vintage

Carol contacted us because she wanted another outlet to sell her antiques online.  She had been using Etsy and eBay and was doing well but the fees were cutting into her profits.  She was also having issues with Etsy and all the changes that they have made over the past couple of months so she wanted to have her own online shop.

We met and talked about the site, came up with a color palate and went to work on the site.  We came up with a logo an then started the development of the website itself.  Some of the key features needed were the ability to import the entire Etsy store into the online shop and the be able to print shipping labels directly from the order.  We were able to accomplish both of these and much more!

The system automatically imports new items added to Etsy and also removed any items that have sold on Etsy.  Once an order is placed online, a shipping label can be generated with the press of a button and printed.  Tracking is also automatically attached to the order and an email is sent to the customer letting them know that their order is on the way and includes a link for them to easily track the package.

The site turned our great and is fully responsive making it work well on computers, tablets and smart phones.  This allows customers to browse the online store and purchase items no matter where they are.

We enjoyed working on this website and hope that it does very well for Carol.

Web Site Features:

  • Fully Responsive Design
  • SSL Secured to insure customer safety and boost SEO
  • Etsy Import/Sync to allow easy product management
  • Print shipping labels from within customer order

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