Aubrey Hill

Aubrey Hill

Pensacola Web Designs recently did a complete overhaul of and added a ton of additional functionality to the site we built for them about 6 years ago. The new site has several social media hooks and allows Aubrey Hill to post listings and news on the website and to Facebook at the same time. We also added a built in newsletter management system which allows them to create newsletters using existing content they have posted on the website. Subscribers to the newsletter receive a nicely formatted newsletter which only takes a few minutes to put together.

The listing management section of the site allows for horses to be marked as available, sold or leased out with a date that displays on the listing. There are also several fields that are used to specify details about the listing such as color, breed, age and height.

The news management section allows for news articles to be linked to listings by selecting the listing in a drop down menu. This puts a link in the news article that directly links to the listing so it’s easy for visitors to navigate around the web site.


  • Easy to use Content Management System
  • Newsletter Management System
  • Social Media Interaction
  • SEO Friendly

Google Apps Migration

In addition to developing the new website for Aubrey Hill, we also moved all of the email accounts over to Google Apps and migrated over all emails. The new hosting plan we moved Aubrey Hill had an email server built in but we felt that they would benefit more by using Google Apps. All email comes from their domain so, to the end user, nothing has changed. The additional features, storage and ease of use in the mobile environment offered by Google Apps provides a higher class of service, mobility and features. Contact us today if you are interested in learning more about Google Apps.

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